No matter your dance experience, age, schedule or budget we offer classes to fit anyone’s dancing needs.

Our classes include Private Lessons, Group Classes, and Practice Sessions. With our 20 years of experience we have found that with this combination of lessons it is the best way to ensure faster learning and better retention of the material. Our priority is to help you get out on the floor dancing and having fun as soon as possible!

Our team is trained and certified with today’s most popular Ballroom, Wedding, Latin, Salsa, Swing, Country, Line dance, Hip Hop, (and more) dances! We teach on a system is called the Medalist System which is used worldwide. Levels of dancing in our syllabus include Bronze, Silver, and Gold Standards. Keep scrolling to find out more about our classes and the dances we teach.


Private Lessons

-Private lessons, for beginners or advanced dancers, are essential for getting the most out of your dancing! Either alone or with a partner, you will be working one on one with a trained instructor who will completely tailor your lesson to meet your dance goals. All while being taught step by step at your own pace! We will focus on not only learning new moves, but improving your timing, lead and following skills, technique, posture, dance hold, and valuable fine tuning, which you can’t get in a group setting! Private lessons are also the way to go if you want any specific choreography like a wedding routine or competition routine! Private lessons are 45 minutes long and are scheduled based upon your availability anytime Monday-Friday 1pm-10pm and Saturdays by appointment!


Group Classes

-Group classes are designed to accompany the private lessons to speed up your learning and give you new moves to add to your dance repertoire. We’re going to be honest, learning new things can be challenging which is why we make it a priority to break down the moves so that they are easy to follow and no one feels frustrated. Group classes are also a fantastic way to gain confidence and get out of your comfort zone in a relaxed, judgment-free environment around other dancers who are there to learn just like you! You can find our classes on our calendar with new and exciting dances every single month. Our group classes are 45 minutes long and are on Tuesdays-Fridays at 7:45pm and Saturday afternoons at 12:00pm. Unless labeled as “Advanced” or “Intermediate” our classes are always beginner-friendly and welcome to newcomers! No partner is required!


Practice Session/ Dance Party

-Last, but certainly not least, is the Practice Session/Dance Party. This is an incredibly fun social dance time that allows you to take what you’ve learned and practice while enjoying complementary refreshments and appetizers in between songs! This time is crucial for learning what dances go with what song and practicing your leading/following skills all while having your instructor right there to help you! We want you to get to know everyone, have fun, switch partners, and feel included in our dance family! We also do theme parties and have exciting live music every single month! Our practice sessions are on Tuesdays following the group class and on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Fridays of the month following the group class. We want our studio to be a “club like” atmosphere that is comfortable for all dancers to enjoy!


2 Week Workshops

-Workshops are like group classes but are extended over two sessions due to the complexity of the material. We designed these classes for our advanced students who want a challenge. If you are a beginner or have not been formally trained in dancing, we encourage you to take private lessons and group classes before jumping into the workshops as we teach higher level steps from our syllabus. Unlike our group classes, workshops consist of two sessions, so you must attend BOTH classes to join.


Styles of Dance we teach include…

Rumba, Cha Cha, East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing, Waltz and Viennese Waltz, Hustle, Jitterbug and Lindy Hop, Salsa, Mambo, Samba, Bachata, Foxtrot, Tango and Argentine Tango, Night Club and Country Two Step, Quickstep, Bolero, and more!

As well as Hip Hop and line dancing!

We also do specific choreography for any kind of routine!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call!