Whether you want something simple or to be a YouTube sensation we can help you rock your reception, wow your guests, and make your most recorded dance something to remember!


Bride & Groom

Figuring out your dance can truly help you take on your wedding day with confidence and ease! We want to look back on your anniversary years from now and think wow that dance was totally us!


Parents of the Bride & Groom

Create a special memory with your family that you will remember years and years to come.

Bridal Party Routine

Wow your audience by doing a group formation with your bridal party!


Private Group Class for your family/guests

Host a private group class for your family and friends to learn basic couples dancing or line dancing to rock your reception!

Thinking of creating the perfect wedding dance leave you feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start so were going to break it down into a few simple tips…


1. Setting up your first lesson

Call/text us at 859-371-1151 or fill out our online form to set up your introductory lesson and consultation. Our trained instructor will listen to your wedding song and start showing you dancing basics while brainstorming ideas with you on the perfect wedding dance! How many lessons you will need depends on a number of factors such as how fast do you learn, what your dance is, and how proficient you wish to be in that dance. After the introductory lesson your instructor will help guide you on what to do next!


2. Picking a song

You can choose one song or a couple of songs as we can help you put together a cool mash up! When picking the song think of things like do you have a favorite song you both like? is there a song that just describes you guys? Do you guys have a special memory or inside joke together with a certain song? Are you guys sappy or silly? Whatever the song may be it should represent you and your fiance or you and your parent. Don’t worry about picking the right song for dancing just pick a song you like and we can help you pick a dance to match it!

If you’re still having trouble we can help recommend some songs!


3. Helpful hints

Don't wait until the last minute! We recommend starting at least 6 months earlier to allow more time for practice, especially if you are a newcomer to dancing. Remember that as your wedding day approaches your schedule will get very hectic so don’t wait until the month of to start as you wont have enough time to practice and it can become stressful.

Practice in your wedding shoes! Wear your heals, dress shoes, or whatever you are wearing on the big night to practice in! You need to get a feel of how your shoes feel and how easy they are to dance in!

Dances don’t have to be slow! You can go traditional or spice things up with an upbeat song and dance.